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2000 SkyBox Autographics #43 Kelvim Escobar


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Pro gets another featureTitle_endApril 17, 2014
Pro members get an ad-free experience. 

Recently we turned off ads for Pro members.  This was not originally on our road map for Pro, but thought it didn't make sense when they are supporting OpenChecklist with their yearly subscription.  Go Pro, skip ads!

Football players up-to-date!

As promised in our last news post, we completed filling in birthdays for football players.  Players from the 2006 to 2013 season have been imported and linked to their cards.  Please let us know if you see a player missing, or that is not linked to cards.  We'll take a look and make any needed corrections.

Read the full list of database changes.
2013 in review and announcing ProTitle_endJanuary 13, 2014
Another year has gone by.  Did we do well?

You haven't seen many news from us and I'd like to think that was because we had our heads down buried in the work of providing the best collection management system on the web.  Of the four goals we laid out a year ago, we have accomplished two and a half.  We haven't completed filling in the missing Football releases from 2006-2011. That will now be a 2014 priority goal.  We also missed on filling in the Football players birthdays.  This has been preventing us from adding in new players since 2006.  Good progress has been made towards it and we are sitting at 90% complete.  Expect to see this done in a month or two.

Our new level of service is called OpenChecklist Pro.
Please read more about it in the full news post.
Spring means new thingsTitle_endMarch 20, 2013

Spring is nearly here for those of you in the northern hemisphere and with it brings new things to OpenChecklist.

Old Logo:

New Logo:

Along with the new logo will be a set of updated graphics.  Next you will be asking when will we see them?

The answer to that is Saturday March 23rd.  On that day from 8am CDT to 12noon CDT OpenChecklist will be offline for maintenance.

In addition to the graphics changes, an updated password storage method will be implemented.  It will require a password reset after the maintenance has completed.  An email asking you to reset your password will automatically be sent at the end of maintenance.

Find the long list of content updates in the full news post.
Happy New Year!Title_endJanuary 4, 2013
A new years resolution to our users.

OpenChecklist is here to stay.  2012 has seen many milestones accomplished:
  • Broke 2.5 million card mark
  • Now over 45,000 sets
  • Kept up-to-date with all of the new 2012 releases for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey
  • Updated players for Basketball and Hockey up to the 2011/12 season, Baseball updated for the 2012 season
Here are the milestones planned for 2013:
  • Break the 3 million card mark
  • Back fill the missing sets from 2006-2011 on Football, Basketball and Hockey
  • Update players for Football missing from the 2006-2012 seasons
  • Continue to improve the website whenever possible and look for new features to add
Be sure to visit the news section for a full listing of everything updated since June.
How you can helpTitle_endJune 7, 2012
Missing Sets Tracker
Interested in what sets we are working on?  This Google Docs spreadsheet lists everything we currently know as missing from our database.  If you know a missing set, send it in via the Feedback function.  We'll add it to this list.    Be sure to include a link to the checklist if you've found the data.

Football Players Missing Birth Dates
We have a list of Football players from 2006-2011 ready for import, but can't do it yet.  Many of our currently listed Football players are missing their birth date.  The birth date is a crucial piece of data that keeps duplicate players from being created.  Inputting all of the missing birth dates is a large task.  Would you like to take a letter and work on the players that have a last name starting with that letter?
Missing Dates
This Google Docs spreadsheet is how we are tracking this project.  Send us Feedback about what letter you would like to work on and we will put your username down. Once this project is complete we can import the pending list.

Take a look at the updates made in April and May by visiting the News.
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