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Brand Manufacturer Sets in Brand by Subject
1970's Decade Upper Deck Baseball (11 sets)
40-Man Upper Deck Baseball (16 sets)
Abdulla & Co Ltd UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Abdulla & Co Ltd (German Issues) International Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Absolute Playoff Football (NFL) (332 sets)
Baseball (264 sets)
Absolute Memorabilia Panini America Basketball (208 sets)
Football (NFL) (84 sets)
Action Packed Pinnacle Football (NFL) (43 sets)
Baseball (13 sets)
Adcock & Son UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Adkin & Sons UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Aikman's Tobacconist UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Airmail Cigarettes R & J Hill
Alberge & Bromet UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Albert Cigarettes British American Tobacco Company
Alias Inkworks Other Movies and TV (4 sets)
Alien vs Predator Inkworks Other Movies and TV (2 sets)
All Arms Cigarettes Carreras
All Star Lineup Upper Deck Baseball (9 sets)
Basketball (18 sets)
Football (NFL) (9 sets)
All-American Retired Edition Topps Football (NFL) (19 sets)
Allen and Ginter Topps Baseball (353 sets)
American Idol Fleer / Skybox
American Pie Topps Baseball (18 sets)
American Pride Inkworks (Unclassified) (1 sets)
American Thunder Press Pass (RC2) NASCAR (35 sets)
Americana Donruss Other Movies and TV (95 sets)
Andromeda Inkworks
Angel Inkworks
Anglo American Cigarette Making Co UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Anglo Cigarette Manufacturing UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
APEX Fleer / Skybox Basketball (6 sets)
Artifacts Upper Deck Baseball (53 sets)
Football (NFL) (1 sets)
Basketball (25 sets)
Ice Hockey (387 sets)
ASA Authentic Sports Autographs, Inc. Baseball (24 sets)
Ashville Tobacco Works Co American Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Aspire SA-GE Football (NFL) (2 sets)
Assets Phone Cards Score Board Inc Baseball (34 sets)
Associated Tobacco Manufacturers UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Atkinson Tobacconist UK Tobacco Issues (Various Manufacturers)
Atlas American Tobacco Co
Aurora Pacific Football (NFL) (12 sets)
Ice Hockey (13 sets)
Baseball (35 sets)
Authentix Fleer / Skybox Baseball (62 sets)
Authority Fleer / Skybox Baseball (6 sets)
Autographics Fleer / Skybox Baseball (52 sets)
Autothentics TRISTAR Productions
Avant Fleer / Skybox Baseball (13 sets)
B.D.V Cigarettes Godfrey Phillips
Babylon 5 Fleer / Skybox
Ballpark Collection Upper Deck Baseball (26 sets)
Ballpark Idols Upper Deck Baseball (11 sets)
Bandmaster Cigarettes Cohen Weenen
Battle-Axe American Tobacco Co
Bazooka Topps Baseball (64 sets)
Football (NFL) (19 sets)
Basketball (13 sets)
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