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How much will it cost?

Access to browse, view and export checklist data for all available sets will always be free for any registered user at

What does registration involve?

Basic registration, which includes the ability to browse, view and export all checklist data, is completely free. We only require a valid email address, name, country, age (for legal purposes only) and agreement to standard data protection statements.

No private or financial information will ever be asked for as part of basic registration.

Are there different registration options?

Basic registration is the free level of access. We also offer a Pro level of service that currently costs $20 a year. A Pro level account adds more options to mange your inventory and provides the Pro Scout matching of inventory data to other users. OpenChecklist Pro is a developing service that will continue to add more functionality in the future. The cost of Pro may rise as we add value to the membership.

The basic registration option will always be free.

Can I delete my account?

You can request to delete your account at any time. It may take up to 48 hours to respond. At that time we will disable the account. Disabled accounts receive no email and are not listed in the collector directory. Disabled accounts are deleted after 30 days.

Will you ever delete my account?

If a basic account has not been accessed for 5 months, we will send a notification to the registered email address stating that if the account is not accessed in the next 30 days, it will be disabled.

If the account is logged into during the 30-day grace period, the account will remain active. Accounts disabled for 30 days will be deleted.

OpenChecklist ToolsTitle_end
What tools will be available through OpenChecklist?

Tools to provide the following functionality will be available with the initial release of the OpenChecklist platform:

Pro Tools

Where is the check all button?

OpenChecklist has something better than a check all button. On every list type page you can click on the first checkbox in a series, then hold shift when clicking on the last checkbox in a series to check all of the checkboxes in between. This method also works for unchecking checkboxes.

What tools are planned for the near future?

Hobby Shop accounts - These accounts would include marketing tools to match your inventory with collectors in your physical market area

API - An API is being developed to allow you to integrate your inventory data or checklist data into your own website

Can I create additional tools?

Yes, we are interested in growing OpenChecklist with the addition of experienced technical architects and developers in multiple languages. We are particularly interested in creating a suite of collector tools that integrate with the OpenChecklist database and facilities. Previous experience in open source projects, data warehousing and ERP projects preferred.

What types of checklists are available at OpenChecklist?

OpenChecklist currently has an emphasis toward baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. However, the database has grown to include cards from other sports (e.g., golf, soccer and racing), entertainment (e.g., Star Wars and novelty cards) and vintage cards (e.g., cigarette cards and early trade advertisements).

In the future, we plan to include data for any type of trading card or related item that can be collected and openly traded, purchased or sold.

What are your sources for checklist data?

Through established industry contacts, we attempt to acquire checklist data directly from the manufacturer or checklists distributed with the product.

When that data is not available from the manufacturer or with the product, we perform research through various published guides and through networks of collectors that have performed time-consuming and tedious research. Often, their work is then published online for the benefit of other collectors.

It is because of the dedication of these communities that we want to ensure that we will always have checklist information available free of charge at all time for all collectors.

What do you do with checklists once you find them?

Once a checklist is found from any source, there is a substantial effort required before the data can be loaded into the OpenChecklist database. Checklists come in a variety of formats and often do not contain all the information that is often used for searches or categorization.

Therefore, each checklist must be verified against other sources, cleansed, reformatted, aligned with existing reference and metadata, assigned unique identifiers and finally released in a format that can be loaded into the OpenChecklist database.

What if I find missing or incorrect data?

When using the OpenChecklist database, it is possible that you will not find the particular items you are looking for or you might find the items, but with incorrect data.

Each item available on OpenChecklist includes a link for registered users to submit updates and corrections. When you find something you don't think is right, please use the link on the item. If you think something is missing, use the link from the item closest to where you think your item should be to report the missing data.

We at OpenChecklist will take your feedback seriously and try to incorporate your corrections as soon as possible. As more and more collectors use the system, the data can only improve.

How can I help with content?

Some things you can do right now as a registered user: edit existing items. Click "Update" below the item to edit. Your changes are live. Admins can revert your changes if necessary.

We are always looking for additional content editors to research, proofread and assist in formatting the data in a consistent way. We encourage all users to first use the provided feedback mechanism to report any missing or incorrect data.

As OpenChecklist grows, we plan to assemble a "content team" of researchers.

Price/Value DataTitle_end
How much are my cards worth?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in card collecting. The answer is always the same:
Your cards are worth the estimated price they would fetch in an open market based on supply and demand, plus any additional sentimental value you have for them.

That is not a good answer, can you elaborate?

Many collectors acquire items from their favorite sports team, athlete they look up to as a hero, popular movie franchise or items from a certain era because the items represent something that makes them feel good about themselves - something very difficult to put a price on because it is relative to the amount of resources the individual has available to spend on their collection. If you are one of these collectors, you know what we are talking about.

If you have one of these items and are interested in knowing how much you can get for it, the only way to truly judge is to research recent transactions, current asking prices and current offers for similar items. The condition of the items compared to yours also plays a large factor because many collectors will pay a premium for something that is in "mint" or untouched condition.

Some organizations publish price guides in book form or through web sites that estimate current value on items and give a reference price on how much you should bid for or offer to sell your item at.

When will I see price data on OpenChecklist?

We do not think prices listed in the major guides are that accurate for many items. If you compare the prices listed in the guides with the price the identical items average closing price on popular auction websites like eBay, you will find the prices listed in the guide are often inflated.

Therefore, OpenChecklist has no plans to be a pricing guide or provide any pricing information.

Integration with the OpenChecklist DatabaseTitle_end
Can I integrate my website or applications with the OpenChecklist database?

Not at this time. It is a feature we'd like to develop. It has not been decided if a full API will be made available or if we will just provide widgets.

What are your policies on redistributing data?

We encourage the display and reuse of checklist data from OpenChecklist for personal collecting use only.

Republishing any portion of OpenChecklist data as part of a commercial product without the explicit agreement of OpenChecklist is prohibited.

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