Jon Krengel - Administrator / OwnerTitle_end

Jon's earliest memories of collecting involve his uncle who gave him his first cards. His uncle collected the 4 major sports and supported Jon's baseball card collection up until his junior high years.

It was in junior high when Jon was introduced to the workings of computer hardware and his collection went into hibernation. Jon used a spreadsheet on an IBM 8088 as the first means of cataloging his cards.

In 2004 Jon's collection experienced a revival when Jon' uncle gave up collecting and passed his collection to Jon. Discovering Openchecklist in 2006 he's been inventorying and organizing the cards ever since.

Today, Jon is the owner of Openchecklist. His goal is to bring the OpenChecklist database to as close as current information as he can. To accomplish this the direction of OpenChecklist has been modified to allow the users, you the collector, the ability to provide new and/or updated information as easily as possible.

Bob Williams - FounderTitle_end

Bob Williams was raised and currently resides in East Liverpool (located exactly where OH, PA and WV touch). He graduated college in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. His professional career has progressed through software testing, programming and development manager up to his current role of product manager and marketing spokesman.

Bob has over 20 years of collecting experience and a personal collection of over 0.5 million items ranging from sports cards to non-sports cards to collectible figures to memorabilia. In the early part of 2000, Bob founded Trading Card Central (TCC) as an attempt to fill a need in the trading card industry for an extensive portal directed at the collector, from a collector's view.

In early 2005, Trading Card Central was re-launched, with additional emphasis on collectors openly discussing cards and trading via Internet forums. The new format has been a success, and with the help of a dedicated team, Trading Card Central has become one of the leading community and trading sites in the Industry.

JR Lenox - FounderTitle_end

Jim's first rememberance of trading cards was in 1976-77 at the age of 4 with some basketball cards his dad brought home. It wasn't long before most of his pocket money was going into baseball and Star Wars cards.

Jim's first exposure to computer programming was around 1979 when his school acquired a TRS-80 model II computer and, based on the results of his grades in math, he was one of the few students allowed to touch it. It wasn't long before he started looking for ways to get the computer to help keep track of the growing stacks of cards all over his bedroom.

In the 25+ years since, Jim has:

  • Amassed tens of 1000s of cards
  • Designed/Developed/Debugged/Decomissioned applications on countless technical environments
  • Completed both a Computer Science degree and MBA
  • Held day jobs in Investment Banking, Legal and Accounting firms
  • Moved across the US then across the Atlantic
  • Played Bass guitar on several releases of a cult indie band

(Not necessarily in that order.)

Opportunities - OpenChecklist ExpertsTitle_end

Think you'd like to help make OpenChecklist better? We've got freelance positions available in the following subject areas:

Collectors interested in becoming an OpenChecklist Expert are expected to spend about 2 hours a week improving the database in their subject area. In exchange for their work their account will be upgraded to Pro.

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