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Set: 1997 Collector's Choice Crash the Game
Manufacturer / Brand: Upper Deck / Collector's Choice
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 90
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Related Sets: 18
Set Type: Insert
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Collectors: 1
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Card ChecklistTitle_end
# Name Variation Notes
1A R.Klesko July 28-30 L
1B R.Klesko Aug 8-11 L
1C R.Klesko Sept 19-21 L
2A C.Jones Aug 15-17 L
2B C.Jones Aug 29-31 L
2C C.Jones Sept 12-14 L
3A A.Jones Aug 22-24 W
3B A.Jones Sept 1-3 L
3C A.Jones Sept 19-22 L
4A B.Anderson July 31-Aug 3 W
4B B.Anderson Sept 4-7 L
4C B.Anderson Sept 19-22 L
5A R.Palmeiro July 29-30 L
5B R.Palmeiro Aug 29-31 L
5C R.Palmeiro Sept 26-28 L
6A C.Ripken Aug 8-10 W
6B C.Ripken Sept 1-3 W
6C C.Ripken Sept 11-14 L
7A M.Vaughn Aug 14-17 L
7B M.Vaughn Aug 29-31 W
7C M.Vaughn Sept 23-25 W
8A S.Sosa Aug 1-3 W
8B S.Sosa Aug 29-31 L
8C S.Sosa Sept 19-21 W
9A A.Belle Aug 7-10 L
9B A.Belle Sept 11-14 L
9C A.Belle Sept 19-21 W
10A F.Thomas Aug 29-31 L
10B F.Thomas Sept 1-3 L
10C F.Thomas Sept 23-25 W
11A M.Ramirez Aug 12-14 W
11B M.Ramirez Aug 29-31 L
11C M.Ramirez Sept 11-14 W
12A J.Thome July 28-30 L
12B J.Thome Aug 15-18 W
12C J.Thome Sept 19-22 L
13A M.Williams Aug 4-5 L
13B M.Williams Sept 1-3 W
13C M.Williams Sept 23-25 L
14A D.Bichette July 24-27 W
14B D.Bichette Aug 28-29 L
14C D.Bichette Sept 26-28 W
15A V.Castilla Aug 12-13 L
15B V.Castilla Sept 4-7 W
15C V.Castilla Sept 19-21 L
16A A.Galarraga Aug 8-10 W
16B A.Galarraga Aug 30-31 L
16C A.Galarraga Sept 12-14 L
17A G.Sheffield Aug 1-3 W
17B G.Sheffield Sept 1-3 W
17C G.Sheffield Sept 12-14 W
18A J.Bagwell Sept 9-10 L
18B J.Bagwell Sept 19-22 W
18C J.Bagwell Sept 23-25 W
19A E.Karros Aug 1-3 L
19B E.Karros Aug 15-17 L
19C E.Karros Sept 25-28 W
20A M.Piazza Aug 11-12 L
20B M.Piazza Sept 5-8 W
20C M.Piazza Sept 19-21 W
21A V.Guerrero Aug 22-24 L
21B V.Guerrero Aug 29-31 L
21C V.Guerrero Sept 19-22 L
22A C.Fielder Aug 29-31 L
22B C.Fielder Sept 4-7 L
22C C.Fielder Sept 26-28 L
23A J.Canseco Sept 12-14 L
23B J.Canseco Sept 22-24 L
23C J.Canseco Sept 26-28 L
24A M.McGwire July 31-Aug 3 L
24B M.McGwire Aug 30-31 L
24C M.McGwire Sept 19-22 W
25A K.Caminiti Aug 8-10 L
25B K.Caminiti Sept 4-7 W
25C K.Caminiti Sept 17-18 W
26A B.Bonds Aug 5-7 L
26B B.Bonds Sept 4-7 L
26C B.Bonds Sept 23-24 W
27A J.Buhner Aug 7-10 L
27B J.Buhner Aug 28-29 L
27C J.Buhner Sept 1-3 L
28A K.Griffey Jr. Aug 22-24 W
28B K.Griffey Jr. Aug 28-29 L
28C K.Griffey Jr. Sept 19-22 W
29A A.Rodriguez July 29-31 L
29B A.Rodriguez Aug 30-31 L
29C A.Rodriguez Sept 12-15 L
30A J.Gonzalez Aug 11-13 W
30B J.Gonzalez Aug 30-31 L
30C J.Gonzalez Sept 19-21 W
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