Set: 1888 S.F. Hess and Co. Creole N321Title_end
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Set: 1888 S.F. Hess and Co. Creole N321
Manufacturer / Brand: Other / Unclassified 19th Century Sets
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 40
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Card ChecklistTitle_end
# Name Variation Notes
1 Eddie Bennett HAV
2 George Borchers: GM
3 Tom Buckley HAV
4 Turk Burke STOCK pitching
4 Turk Burke STOCK batting
5 William Burnett: GM
6 Frank Carroll PIO
7 John Donahue PIO
8 Jack Donovan: GM
9 Michael Finn PIO
10 Charles Gagus HAV
11 George Hanley HAV
12A Pop Hardie: GM Catcher
12B Pop Hardie: GM Center Field
13 Jack Hayes STOCK
14 Jack Lawton HAV
15 Rube Levy HAV
16 Daniel Long: GM
17 Tom McCord: GM
18 Peter Meegan HAV
19 Henry Moore STOCK
20 James Mullee PIO
21 Billy Newhart: GM
22 Joseph Noonan PIO
23 Harry O'Day STOCK
24 Hip Perrier PIO
25A Thomas Powers HAV first base
25B Thomas Powers HAV first base and Capt
26 Jack Ryan: GM
27 Charles Selna STOCK
28 Joseph Shea: GM
29 Jack Sheridan Umpire
30 Big Smith PIO
31 Hugh Smith PIO
32 John Smith
33B Leonard Stockwell batting
33A Leonard Stockwell catching
34 Charles Sweeney HAV
35 Pop Swett HAV
36 Milton Whitehead
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