Set: 1930 Construction of Railway TrainsTitle_end
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Set: 1930 Construction of Railway Trains
Manufacturer / Brand: Ogdens / Ogden's
Subject: Trains
Cards: 50
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Card ChecklistTitle_end
# Name Variation Notes
1 Raw Steel in the Cogging Mill
2 In the Brass Foundry
3 Cutting Frames
4 Machining 16 Frame Plates
5 Setting up Frames
6 Drilling Frames for Cylinder Bolts
7 Casting Cylinders
8 Planing the Cylinder Block
9 Boring the Piston Valve Chambers
10 Drilling the Cylinder Casting
11 Setting up Cylinders
12 Turning the Crank Axle
13 Turning the Piston Rod
14 Turning Piston Valve Rings
15 The Flanging Press and Gas Furnace
16 Vertical Plate Rolls
17 Riveting the Firebox
18 Shaping the Boiler Plate
19 Riveting the Boiler Shell
20 The Boiler Fitted
21 White Jacket - the Boiler Clothed
22 Fitting Motion Parts
23 The Smokebox Fitted
24 Shaping the Dome Casing with Pneumatic Hammer
25 Fitting Tanks
26 Forging a Coupling Rod
27 Milling Coupling Rods
28 Forming Laminated Spring Plates
29 Pressing Driving Wheels on Axle
30 Boring the Wheel Tyre for Shrinking
31 Heating Tyre for Shrinking
32 The Driving Wheels in the Lathe
33 Balancing Driving Wheels
34 Burnishing Journals
35 Wheeling
36 Engine Lifted to run in the Bogie
37 Band-Sawing Oak Logs for Wagons
38 Cropping Steel Channel
39 Erecting Steel Wagon Underframe
40 Drilling Wagon Headstocks
41 Building 12-ton Wagons by Mass-Production
42 Final Touches: Lettering Wagons
43 Assembling Floor Framing
44 Assembling Ends of Passenger Coaches
45 Fixing Frames of Coach
46 Cramping & Screwing Quarters
47 Assembling Coach Roof on Jig
48 Upholstering Seat Backs
49 Assembling & Screwing Carriage Door
50 Coats of Paint: Teak-Graining
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