Set: 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game AutographsTitle_end
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Set: 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Autographs
Manufacturer / Brand: Donruss / Leaf Certified Materials
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 313
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Set Type: Insert
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# Name Variation Notes
# Player/Seq
# Player/Seq
# Player/Seq
# Player/Seq
1JN Bobby Doerr JN
1JY Bobby Doerr JY
1PS Bobby Doerr PS
1IN Bobby Doerr IN
1DY Bobby Doerr DY5
1 Jsy/
1BA Bobby Doerr BA
2 Jsy/
2IN Ozzie Smith IN
3 Jsy/
4 Jsy/
4IN Jeff Bagwell Pants IN
7IN Harmon Killebrew IN
9IN Alex Rodriguez M's IN
10IN Alex Rodriguez Rgr IN
11IN Dale Murphy IN
12BA Alan Trammell BA
12DY Alan Trammell DY
12IN Alan Trammell IN
12JN Alan Trammell JN
12JY Alan Trammell JY
12PS Alan Trammell PS
17IN Paul Molitor IN
18IN Duke Snider IN
19PS Miguel Tejada PS
19JY Miguel Tejada JY
19JN Miguel Tejada JN
19IN Miguel Tejada IN
19BA Miguel Tejada BA
19DY Miguel Tejada DY
21BA Brooks Robinson BA
21PS Brooks Robinson PS
21JY Brooks Robinson JY
21JN Brooks Robinson JN
21DY Brooks Robinson DY
21IN Brooks Robinson IN
22IN George Brett IN
23IN Johnny Bench IN
27IN Pat Burrell IN
28IN Albert Pujols IN
29IN Stan Musial IN
30BA Al Kaline BA
30DY Al Kaline DY
30IN Al Kaline IN
30JN Al Kaline JN
30JY Al Kaline JY
30PS Al Kaline PS
31IN Ivan Rodriguez IN
32IN Craig Biggio IN
33IN Joe Morgan IN
35PS Andre Dawson PS
35BA Andre Dawson BA
35DY Andre Dawson DY
35IN Andre Dawson IN
35JN Andre Dawson JN
35JY Andre Dawson JY
36PS Gary Carter PS
36JY Gary Carter JY
36JN Gary Carter JN
36IN Gary Carter IN
36BA Gary Carter BA
36DY Gary Carter DY
37IN Cal Ripken IN
38IN Enos Slaughter IN
39IN Reggie Jackson A's IN
40DY Phil Rizzuto DY
40IN Phil Rizzuto IN
40JN Phil Rizzuto JN
40JY Phil Rizzuto JY
40PS Phil Rizzuto PS
40BA Phil Rizzuto BA
41IN Chipper Jones IN
42PS Hideo Nomo Dodgers PS
42JY Hideo Nomo Dodgers JY
42JN Hideo Nomo Dodgers JN
42IN Hideo Nomo Dodgers IN
42BA Hideo Nomo Dodgers BA
42DY Hideo Nomo Dodgers DY
43JN Luis Aparicio JN
43JY Luis Aparicio JY
43PS Luis Aparicio PS
43IN Luis Aparicio IN
43DY Luis Aparicio DY
43BA Luis Aparicio BA
44JY Hideo Nomo R.Sox JY
44PS Hideo Nomo R.Sox PS
44JN Hideo Nomo R.Sox JN
44IN Hideo Nomo R.Sox IN
44DY Hideo Nomo R.Sox DY
44BA Hideo Nomo R.Sox BA
45DY Edgar Martinez DY
45IN Edgar Martinez IN
45JN Edgar Martinez JN
45JY Edgar Martinez JY
45PS Edgar Martinez PS
45BA Edgar Martinez BA
46IN Barry Larkin IN
47IN Alfonso Soriano IN
48IN Wade Boggs Rays IN
49IN Wade Boggs Yanks IN
50IN Ernie Banks IN
51IN Joe Torre IN
52JY Tim Hudson JY
52PS Tim Hudson PS
52JN Tim Hudson JN
52IN Tim Hudson IN
52DY Tim Hudson DY
52BA Tim Hudson BA
53IN Shawn Green IN
54BA Carlos Beltran BA
54DY Carlos Beltran DY
54IN Carlos Beltran IN
54JN Carlos Beltran JN
54JY Carlos Beltran JY
54PS Carlos Beltran PS
55IN Bo Jackson IN
58IN Lance Berkman IN
59IN Todd Helton IN
60PS Mark Grace PS
60BA Mark Grace BA
60DY Mark Grace DY
60IN Mark Grace IN
60JN Mark Grace JN
60JY Mark Grace JY
61PS Fred Lynn PS
61JY Fred Lynn JY
61JN Fred Lynn JN
61IN Fred Lynn IN
61BA Fred Lynn BA
61DY Fred Lynn DY
62IN Bob Feller IN
62PS Bob Feller PS
62JN Bob Feller JN
62BA Bob Feller BA
62JY Bob Feller JY
62DY Bob Feller DY
63IN Robin Yount IN
64IN Tony Gwynn IN
65IN Tony Gwynn IN Pants
66PS Frank Robinson PS
66BA Frank Robinson BA
66IN Frank Robinson IN
67IN Mike Schmidt IN
68DY Lou Brock DY
68IN Lou Brock IN
68JN Lou Brock JN
68JY Lou Brock JY
68PS Lou Brock PS
68BA Lou Brock BA
69JN Don Sutton JN
69JY Don Sutton JY
69DY Don Sutton DY
69BA Don Sutton BA
69PS Don Sutton PS
69IN Don Sutton IN
70JN Mark Mulder JN
70JY Mark Mulder JY
70IN Mark Mulder IN
70DY Mark Mulder DY
70BA Mark Mulder BA
70PS Mark Mulder PS
71IN Luis Gonzalez IN
74IN Roberto Alomar IN
78IN Roger Clemens R.Sox IN
80IN Roger Clemens Yanks IN
81IN Jim Palmer IN
81JN Jim Palmer JN
81PS Jim Palmer PS
81DY Jim Palmer DY
81BA Jim Palmer BA
81JY Jim Palmer JY
82IN Juan Gonzalez IN
83IN Will Clark IN
84IN Don Mattingly IN
87IN Manny Ramirez IN
88IN Rickey Henderson Mets IN
89IN Rickey Henderson Padres IN
92IN Jim Thome IN
93IN Andruw Jones IN
94IN Rafael Palmeiro IN
95IN Troy Glaus IN
96IN Wade Boggs R.Sox IN
99IN Carlton Fisk R.Sox IN
100IN Vladimir Guerrero IN
101IN Rod Carew Angels IN
102IN Rod Carew Twins IN
103BA Joe Carter BA
103DY Joe Carter DY
103IN Joe Carter IN
103JN Joe Carter JN
103JY Joe Carter JY
103PS Joe Carter PS
104BA Mike Sweeney BA
104PS Mike Sweeney PS
104JY Mike Sweeney JY
104JN Mike Sweeney JN
104DY Mike Sweeney DY
104IN Mike Sweeney IN
105IN Nolan Ryan Angels IN
106IN Orlando Cepeda IN
106PS Orlando Cepeda PS
106JN Orlando Cepeda JN
106BA Orlando Cepeda BA
106JY Orlando Cepeda JY
106DY Orlando Cepeda DY
107JY Magglio Ordonez JY
107PS Magglio Ordonez PS
107JN Magglio Ordonez JN
107IN Magglio Ordonez IN
107DY Magglio Ordonez DY
107BA Magglio Ordonez BA
108DY Hoyt Wilhelm DY
108IN Hoyt Wilhelm IN
108JN Hoyt Wilhelm JN
108JY Hoyt Wilhelm JY
108PS Hoyt Wilhelm PS
108BA Hoyt Wilhelm BA
109JN Mike Piazza JN
109JY Mike Piazza JY
109DY Mike Piazza DY
109BA Mike Piazza BA
109PS Mike Piazza PS
109IN Mike Piazza IN
110IN Greg Maddux IN
111JY Mark Prior JY
111PS Mark Prior PS
111JN Mark Prior JN
111IN Mark Prior IN
111DY Mark Prior DY
111BA Mark Prior BA
112DY Torii Hunter DY
112IN Torii Hunter IN
112JN Torii Hunter JN
112JY Torii Hunter JY
112PS Torii Hunter PS
112BA Torii Hunter BA
113BA Steve Carlton BA
113PS Steve Carlton PS
113JY Steve Carlton JY
113DY Steve Carlton DY
113JN Steve Carlton JN
113IN Steve Carlton IN
114IN Jose Canseco IN
115IN Nolan Ryan Rgr IN
116IN Nolan Ryan Astros IN
118IN Kerry Wood IN
119IN Mike Mussina Yanks IN
120PS Yogi Berra PS
120JY Yogi Berra JY
120JN Yogi Berra JN
120IN Yogi Berra IN
120BA Yogi Berra BA
120DY Yogi Berra DY
122IN Frank Thomas IN
123IN Rickey Henderson A's IN
124IN Mike Mussina O's IN Pants
126BA Nick Johnson BA
126DY Nick Johnson DY
126IN Nick Johnson IN
126JN Nick Johnson JN
126JY Nick Johnson JY
126PS Nick Johnson PS
127IN Curt Schilling IN
128IN Dave Parker IN
130IN Tom Seaver Mets IN
131IN Tom Seaver Reds IN
133IN Reggie Jackson Angels IN
134IN Willie McCovey IN
135JN Eric Davis JN
135PS Eric Davis PS
135JY Eric Davis JY
135DY Eric Davis DY
135BA Eric Davis BA
135IN Eric Davis IN
136DY Adam Dunn DY
136IN Adam Dunn IN
136JN Adam Dunn JN
136JY Adam Dunn JY
136PS Adam Dunn PS
136BA Adam Dunn BA
137BA Roy Oswalt BA
137PS Roy Oswalt PS
137JY Roy Oswalt JY
137JN Roy Oswalt JN
137DY Roy Oswalt DY
137IN Roy Oswalt IN
138IN Pedro Martinez Expos IN
139IN Pedro Martinez R.Sox IN
141JN Jack Morris JN
141BA Jack Morris BA
141DY Jack Morris DY
141IN Jack Morris IN
141JY Jack Morris JY
141PS Jack Morris PS
142IN Tom Glavine IN
144IN Bernie Williams IN
147DY Mark Buehrle DY
147JN Mark Buehrle JN
147JY Mark Buehrle JY
147PS Mark Buehrle PS
147IN Mark Buehrle IN
147BA Mark Buehrle BA
149IN Carlton Fisk W.Sox IN
150PS Barry Zito PS
150JY Barry Zito JY
150JN Barry Zito JN
150IN Barry Zito IN
150DY Barry Zito DY
150BA Barry Zito BA
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