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Set: 2004 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Material Five PS
Manufacturer / Brand: Playoff / Absolute
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 80
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Related Sets: 67
Set Type: Insert
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Collectors: 2
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# Name Variation Notes
1 Adam Dunn H Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
2 Adam Dunn A Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
7 Alex Rodriguez Rgr H Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
8 Alex Rodriguez Rgr Alt Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
9 Alfonso Soriano Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
11 Andruw Jones H Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
12 Andruw Jones A Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
15 Angel Berroa Bat-Hat-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
16 Aubrey Huff Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Shoe
17 Austin Kearns Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
18 Barry Zito Alt Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
19 Barry Zito A Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
20 Bernie Williams Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Shoe
23 Cal Ripken H Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
25 Cal Ripken Alt Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
29 Carlos Lee Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
32 Craig Biggio H Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Pants
33 Craig Biggio A Bat-Btg Glv-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
34 Curt Schilling D'backs Fld Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
41 Don Mattingly H Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jacket-Jsy
42 Don Mattingly A Bat-Hat-Jacket-Jsy-Shoe
48 Frank Thomas A Bat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
49 Frank Thomas Alt Bat-Btg Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
51 Gary Carter Bat-Fld Glv-Jacket-Jsy-Shoe
52 Gary Sheffield Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
55 Greg Maddux Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
58 Ivan Rodriguez Marlins Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
59 Ivan Rodriguez Rgr Bat-Chest Prot-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
63 Jason Giambi A's Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
65 Jay Gibbons Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
66 Jeff Bagwell A Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
67 Jeff Bagwell Alt Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
74 Josh Beckett Bat-Hat-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
75 Juan Gonzalez Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
76 Kazuhisa Ishii Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
77 Kerry Wood H Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
78 Kerry Wood Alt Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
79 Kirby Puckett Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
80 Lance Berkman Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
83 Luis Gonzalez Bat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
84 Magglio Ordonez Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
85 Manny Ramirez Sox Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Shoe
86 Manny Ramirez Indians Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
87 Marcus Giles Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
90 Mark Prior H Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
91 Mark Prior A Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
92 Mark Teixeira Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
93 Marlon Byrd Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
95 Miguel Tejada Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
97 Mike Mussina O's Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
98 Mike Mussina Yanks Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
101 Mike Piazza Mets Bat-Hat-Jsy-Shoe-Sweatband
102 Mike Schmidt H Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jacket-Jsy
103 Mike Schmidt A Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Pants-Stirrup
104 Mike Sweeney Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
107 Nolan Ryan Astros Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jacket-Jsy
108 Nolan Ryan Rgr Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Pants
112 Paul Lo Duca Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
116 Rafael Palmeiro O's Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
117 Rafael Palmeiro Rgr Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
120 Richie Sexson Bat-Hat-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
121 Rickey Henderson A's Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
122 Rickey Henderson Padres Bat-Hat-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
123 Rickey Henderson M's Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
124 Roberto Alomar Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
126 Rod Carew Bat-Jacket-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
130 Roy Oswalt Bat-Btg Glv-Fld Glv-Jsy-Shoe
131 Ryne Sandberg Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
132 Sammy Sosa H Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
133 Sammy Sosa A Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
137 Steve Carlton Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Jsy
138 Tim Hudson Bat-Fld Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
139 Todd Helton H Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
141 Tom Glavine Braves Bat-Btg Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Shoe
142 Tom Glavine Mets Bat-Btg Glv-Jsy-Jsy-Shoe
143 Tony Gwynn A Bat-Btg Glv-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
144 Tony Gwynn Alt Bat-Fld Glv-Jsy-Pants-Shoe
145 Torii Hunter Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
147 Troy Glaus Bat-Btg Glv-Hat-Jsy-Shoe
148 Vernon Wells Bat-Hat-Jsy-Jsy-Jsy
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