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Set: 2011 Topps In The Name
Manufacturer / Brand: Topps / Topps
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 487
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Set Type: Memorabilia
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# Name Variation Notes
INR-1a Ichiro Suzuki I
INR-1b Ichiro Suzuki C
INR-1c Ichiro Suzuki H
INR-1d Ichiro Suzuki I
INR-1e Ichiro Suzuki R
INR-1f Ichiro Suzuki O
INR-2a Joe Mauer M
INR-2b Joe Mauer A
INR-2c Joe Mauer U
INR-2d Joe Mauer E
INR-2e Joe Mauer R
INR-3a Miguel Cabrera C
INR-3b Miguel Cabrera A
INR-3c Miguel Cabrera B
INR-3d Miguel Cabrera R
INR-3d Miguel Cabrera E
INR-3e Miguel Cabrera R
INR-3f Miguel Cabrera A
INR-4a Robinson Cano C
INR-4b Robinson Cano A
INR-4c Robinson Cano N
INR-4d Robinson Cano O
INR-5a Evan Longoria L
INR-5b Evan Longoria O
INR-5c Evan Longoria N
INR-5d Evan Longoria G
INR-5e Evan Longoria O
INR-5f Evan Longoria R
INR-5g Evan Longoria I
INR-5h Evan Longoria A
INR-6a Derek Jeter J
INR-6b Derek Jeter E
INR-6c Derek Jeter T
INR-6d Derek Jeter E
INR-6e Derek Jeter R
INR-7a Josh Hamilton H
INR-7b Josh Hamilton A
INR-7c Josh Hamilton M
INR-7d Josh Hamilton I
INR-7e Josh Hamilton L
INR-7f Josh Hamilton T
INR-7g Josh Hamilton O
INR-7h Josh Hamilton N
INR-8a Carl Crawford C
INR-8b Carl Crawford R
INR-8c Carl Crawford A
INR-8d Carl Crawford W
INR-8e Carl Crawford F
INR-8f Carl Crawford O
INR-8g Carl Crawford R
INR-8h Carl Crawford D
INR-9a Vladimir Guerrero G
INR-9b Vladimir Guerrero U
INR-9c Vladimir Guerrero E
INR-9d Vladimir Guerrero R
INR-9e Vladimir Guerrero R
INR-9f Vladimir Guerrero E
INR-9g Vladimir Guerrero R
INR-9h Vladimir Guerrero O
INR-10a Justin Verlander V
INR-10b Justin Verlander E
INR-10c Justin Verlander R
INR-10d Justin Verlander L
INR-10e Justin Verlander A
INR-10f Justin Verlander N
INR-10g Justin Verlander D
INR-10h Justin Verlander E
INR-10i Justin Verlander R
INR-11a Andy Pettitte P
INR-11b Andy Pettitte E
INR-11c Andy Pettitte T
INR-11d Andy Pettittte T
INR-11e Andy Pettitte I
INR-11f Andy Pettitte T
INR-11g Andy Pettitte T
INR-11h Andy Pettitte E
INR-12a David Price P
INR-12b David Price R
INR-12c David Price I
INR-12d David Price C
INR-12d David Price E
INR-13a Phil Hughes H
INR-13b Phil Hughes U
INR-13c Phil Hughes G
INR-13d Phil Hughes H
INR-13e Phil Hughes E
INR-13f Phil Hughes S
INR-14a Rafael Soriano S
INR-14b Rafael Soriano O
INR-14c Rafael Soriano R
INR-14d Rafael Soriano I
INR-14e Rafael Soriano A
INR-14f Rafael Soriano N
INR-14g Rafael Soriano O
INR-15a Jon Lester L
INR-15b Jon Lester E
INR-15c Jon Lester S
INR-15d Jon Lester T
INR-15e Jon Lester E
INR-15f Jon Lester R
INR-16a Matt Thornton T
INR-16b Matt Thornton H
INR-16c Matt Thornton O
INR-16d Matt Thornton R
INR-16e Matt Thornton N
INR-16f Matt Thornton T
INR-16g Matt Thornton O
INR-16h Matt Thornton N
INR-17a Cliff Lee L
INR-17b Cliff Lee E
INR-17c Cliff Lee E
INR-18a Andrew Bailey B
INR-18b Andrew Bailey A
INR-18c Andrew Bailey I
INR-18d Andrew Bailey L
INR-18e Andrew Bailey E
INR-18f Andrew Bailey Y
INR-19a Ty Wigginton W
INR-19b Ty Wigginton I
INR-19c Ty Wigginton G
INR-19d Ty Wigginton G
INR-19e Ty Wigginton I
INR-19f Ty Wigginton N
INR-19g Ty Wigginton T
INR-19h Ty Wigginton O
INR-19i Ty Wigginton N
INR-20a Adrian Beltre B
INR-20b Adrian Beltre E
INR-20c Adrian Beltre L
INR-20d Adrian Beltre T
INR-20e Adrian Beltre R
INR-20f Adrian Beltre E
INR-21a David Ortiz O
INR-21b David Ortiz R
INR-21c David Ortiz T
INR-21d David Ortiz I
INR-21e David Ortiz Z
INR-22a Paul Konerko K
INR-22b Paul Konerko O
INR-22c Paul Konerko N
INR-22d Paul Konerko E
INR-22e Paul Konerko R
INR-22f Paul Konerko K
INR-22g Paul Konerko O
INR-23a Torii Hunter H
INR-23b Torii Hunter U
INR-23c Torii Hunter N
INR-23d Torii Hunter T
INR-23e Torii Hunter E
INR-23f Torii Hunter R
INR-24a Alex Rodriguez R
INR-24b Alex Rodriguez O
INR-24c Alex Rodriguez D
INR-24d Alex Rodriguez R
INR-24e Alex Rodriguez I
INR-24f Alex Rodriguez G
INR-24g Alex Rodriguez U
INR-24h Alex Rodriguez E
INR-24i ALex Rodriguez Z
INR-25a Elvis Andrus A
INR-25b Elvis Andrus N
INR-25c Elvis Andrus D
INR-25d Elvis Andrus R
INR-25e Elvis Andrus U
INR-25f Elvis Andrus S
INR-26a Ian Kinsler K
INR-26b Ian Kinsler I
INR-26c Ian Kinsler N
INR-26d Ian Kinsler S
INR-26e Ian Kinsler L
INR-26f Ian Kinsler E
INR-26g Ian Kinsler R
INR-27a Jose Bautista B
INR-27b Jose Bautista A
INR-27c Jose Bautista U
INR-27d Jose Bautista T
INR-27e Jose Bautista I
INR-27f Jose Bautista S
INR-27g Jose Bautista T
INR-27h Jose Bautista A
INR-28a John Buck B
INR-28b John Buck U
INR-28c John Buck C
INR-28d John Buck K
INR-29a Vernon Wells W
INR-29b Vernon Wells E
INR-29c Vernon Wells L
INR-29d Vernon Wells L
INR-29e Vernon Wells S
INR-30a Albert  Pujols P
INR-30b Albert  Pujols U
INR-30c Albert  Pujols J
INR-30d Albert  Pujols O
INR-30e Albert  Pujols L
INR-30f Albert  Pujols S
INR-31a Yadier Molina M
INR-31b Yadier Molina O
INR-31c Yadier Molina L
INR-31d Yadier Molina I
INR-31e Yadier Molina N
INR-31f Yadier Molina A
INR-32a David Wright W
INR-32b David Wright R
INR-32c David Wright I
INR-32d David Wright G
INR-32e David Wright H
INR-32f David Wright T
INR-33a Hanley Ramirez R
INR-33b Hanley Ramirez A
INR-33c Hanley Ramirez M
INR-33d Hanley Ramirez I
INR-33e Hanley Ramirez R
INR-33f Hanley Ramirez E
INR-33g Hanley Ramirez Z
INR-34a Ryan Braun B
INR-34b Ryan Braun R
INR-34c Ryan Braun A
INR-34d Ryan Braun U
INR-34e Ryan Braun N
INR-35a Corey Hart H
INR-35b Corey Hart A
INR-35c Corey Hart R
INR-35d Corey Hart T
INR-36a Andre Ethier E
INR-36b Andre Ethier I
INR-36c Andre Ethier T
INR-36d Andre Ethier H
INR-36e Andre Ethier E
INR-36e Andre Ethier R
INR-37a Roy Halladay H
INR-37b Roy Halladay A
INR-37c Roy Halladay L
INR-37d Roy Halladay L
INR-37e Roy Halladay A
INR-37f Roy Halladay D
INR-37g Roy Halladay A
INR-37h Roy Halladay Y
INR-38a Josh Johnson J
INR-38b Josh Johnson O
INR-38c Josh Johnson H
INR-38d Josh Johnson N
INR-38e Josh Johnson S
INR-38f Josh Johnson O
INR-38g Josh Johnson N
INR-39a Tim Lincecum L
INR-39b Tim Lincecum I
INR-39c Tim Lincecum N
INR-39d Tim Lincecum C
INR-39e Tim Lincecum E
INR-39f Tim Lincecum C
INR-39g Tim Lincecum U
INR-39h Tim Lincecum M
INR-40a Jonathan Broxton B
INR-40b Jonathan Broxton R
INR-40c Jonathan Broxton O
INR-40d Jonathan Broxton X
INR-40e Jonathan Broxton T
INR-40f Jonathan Broxton O
INR-40g Jonathan Broxton N
INR-41a Adam Wainwright W
INR-41b Adam Wainwright A
INR-41c Adam Wainwright I
INR-41d Adam Wainwright N
INR-41e Adam Wainwright W
INR-41f Adam Wainwright R
INR-41g Adam Wainwright I
INR-41h Adam Wainwright G
INR-41i Adam Wainwright H
INR-41j Adam Wainwright T
INR-42a Brian Wilson W
INR-42b Brian Wilson I
INR-42c Brian Wilson L
INR-42d Brian Wilson S
INR-42e Brian Wilson O
INR-42f Brian Wilson N
INR-43a Ubaldo Jimenez J
INR-43b Ubaldo Jimenez I
INR-43c Ubaldo Jimenez M
INR-43d Ubaldo Jimenez E
INR-43e Ubaldo Jimenez N
INR-43f Ubaldo Jimenez E
INR-43g Ubaldo Jimenez Z
INR-44a Matt Capps C
INR-44b Matt Capps A
INR-44c Matt Capps P
INR-44d Matt Capps P
INR-44e Matt Capps S
INR-45a Chris Young Y
INR-45b Chris Young O
INR-45c Chris Young U
INR-45d Chris Young N
INR-45e Chris Young G
INR-46a Brian McCann M
INR-46b Brian McCann C
INR-46c Brian McCann C
INR-46d Brian McCann A
INR-46e Brian McCann N
INR-46f Brian McCann N
INR-47a Martin Prado P
INR-47b Martin Prado R
INR-47c Martin Prado A
INR-47d Martin Prado D
INR-47e Martin Prado O
INR-48a Marlon Byrd B
INR-48b Marlon Byrd Y
INR-48c Marlon Byrd R
INR-48d Marlon Byrd D
INR-49a Brandon Phillips P
INR-49b Brandon Phillips H
INR-49c Brandon Phillips I
INR-49d Brandon Phillips L
INR-49e Brandon Phillips L
INR-49f Brandon Phillips I
INR-49g Brandon Phillips P
INR-49h Brandon Phillips S
INR-50a Scott Rolen R
INR-50b Scott Rolen O
INR-50c Scott Rolen L
INR-50d Scott Rolen E
INR-50e Scott Rolen N
INR-51a Michael Bourn B
INR-51b Michael Bourn O
INR-51c Michael Bourn U
INR-51d Michael Bourn R
INR-51e Michael Bourn N
INR-52a Hong-Chih Kuo K
INR-52b Hong-Chih Kuo U
INR-52c Hong-Chih Kuo O
INR-53a Rafael Furcal F
INR-53b Rafael Furcal U
INR-53c Rafael Furcal R
INR-53d Rafael Furcal C
INR-53e Rafael Furcal A
INR-53f Rafael Furcal L
INR-54a Ryan Howard H
INR-54b Ryan Howard O
INR-54c Ryan Howard W
INR-54d Ryan Howard A
INR-54e Ryan Howard R
INR-54f Ryan Howard D
INR-55a Matt Holliday H
INR-55b Matt Holliday O
INR-55c Matt Holliday L
INR-55d Matt Holliday L
INR-55e Matt Holliday I
INR-55f Matt Holliday D
INR-55g Matt Holliday A
INR-55H Matt Holliday Y
INR-56a Adrian Gonzalez G
INR-56b Adrian Gonzalez O
INR-56c Adrian Gonzalez N
INR-56d Adrian Gonzalez Z
INR-56e Adrian Gonzalez A
INR-56f Adrian Gonzalez L
INR-56g Adrian Gonzalez E
INR-56h Adrian Gonzalez Z
INR-57a Joey Votto V
INR-57b Joey Votto O
INR-57c Joey Votto T
INR-57d Joey Votto T
INR-57e Joey Votto O
INR-58a Jason Heyward H
INR-58b Jason Heyward E
INR-58c Jason Heyward Y
INR-58d Jason Heyward W
INR-58e Jason Heyward A
INR-58f Jason Heyward R
INR-58g Jason Heyward D
INR-59a Troy Tulowitzki T
INR-59b Troy Tulowitzki U
INR-59c Troy Tulowitzki L
INR-59d Troy Tulowitzki O
INR-59e Troy Tulowitzki W
INR-59f Troy Tulowitzki I
INR-59g Troy Tulowitzki T
INR-59h Troy Tulowitzki Z
INR-59i Troy Tulowitzki K
INR-59j Troy Tulowitzki I
INR-60a Yovani Gallardo G
INR-60b Yovani Gallardo A
INR-60c Yovani Gallardo L
INR-60d Yovani Gallardo L
INR-60e Yovani Gallardo A
INR-60f Yovani Gallardo R
INR-60g Yovani Gallardo D
INR-60h Yovani Gallardo O
INR-61a Jose Reyes R
INR-61b Jose Reyes E
INR-61c Jose Reyes Y
INR-61d Jose Reyes E
INR-61e Jose Reyes S
INR-62a Omar Infante I
INR-62b Omar Infante N
INR-62c Omar Infante F
INR-62d Omar Infante A
INR-62e Omar Infante N
INR-62f Omar Infante T
INR-62g Omar Infante E
INR-63a Heath Bell B
INR-63b Heath Bell E
INR-63c Heath Bell L
INR-63d Heath Bell L
INR-64a Evan Meek M
INR-64b Evan Meek E
INR-64c Evan Meek E
INR-64d Evan Meek K
INR-65a Chris Carpenter C
INR-65b Chris Carpenter A
INR-65c Chris Carpenter R
INR-65d Chris Carpenter P
INR-65e Chris Carpenter E
INR-65f Chris Carpenter N
INR-65g Chris Carpenter T
INR-65h Chris Carpenter E
INR-65i Chris Carpenter R
INR-66a Arthur Rhodes R
INR-66b Arthur Rhodes H
INR-66c Arthur Rhodes O
INR-66d Arthur Rhodes D
INR-66e Arthur Rhodes E
INR-66f Arthur Rhodes S
INR-67a Tim Hudson H
INR-67b Tim Hudson U
INR-67c Tim Hudson D
INR-67d Tim Hudson S
INR-67e Tim Hudson O
INR-67f Tim Hudson N
INR-68a Neftali Feliz F
INR-68b Neftali Feliz E
INR-68c Neftali Feliz L
INR-68d Neftali Feliz I
INR-68e Neftali Feliz Z
INR-69a CC Sabathia S
INR-69b CC Sabathia A
INR-69c CC Sabathia B
INR-69d CC Sabathia A
INR-69e CC Sabathia T
INR-69f CC Sabathia H
INR-69g CC Sabathia I
INR-69h CC Sabathia A
INR-70a Dustin Pedroia P
INR-70b Dustin Pedroia E
INR-70c Dustin Pedroia D
INR-70d Dustin Pedroia R
INR-70e Dustin Pedroia O
INR-70f Dustin Pedroia I
INR-70g Dustin Pedroia A
INR-71a Fausto Carmona C
INR-71b Fausto Carmona A
INR-71c Fausto Carmona R
INR-71d Fausto Carmona M
INR-71e Fausto Carmona O
INR-71f Fausto Carmona N
INR-71g Fausto Carmona A
INR-72a Joakim Soria S
INR-72b Joakim Soria O
INR-72c Joakim Soria R
INR-72d Joakim Soria I
INR-72e Joakim Soria A
INR-73a Jered Weaver W
INR-73b Jered Weaver E
INR-73c Jered Weaver A
INR-73d Jered Weaver V
INR-73e Jered Weaver E
INR-73f Jered Weaver R
INR-74a Victor Martinez M
INR-74b Victor Martinez A
INR-74c Victor Martinez R
INR-74d Victor Martinez T
INR-74e Victor Martinez I
INR-74f Victor Martinez N
INR-74g Victor Martinez E
INR-74h Victor Martinez Z
INR-75a Trevor Cahill C
INR-75b Trevor Cahill A
INR-75c Trevor Cahill H
INR-75d Trevor Cahill I
INR-75e Trevor Cahill L
INR-75f Trevor Cahill L
INR-76a Clay Buchholz B
INR-76b Clay Buchholz U
INR-76c Clay Buchholz C
INR-76d Clay Buchholz H
INR-76e Clay Buchholz H
INR-76f Clay Buchholz O
INR-76g Clay Buchholz L
INR-76h Clay Buchholz Z
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