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Set: 2011 Allen and Ginter Ascent of Man
Manufacturer / Brand: Topps / Allen and Ginter
Subject: Baseball
Cards: 26
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Related Sets: 47
Set Type: Insert
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Collectors: 4
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Card ChecklistTitle_end
# Name Variation Notes
AOM1 Prokayotes
AOM2 Eukaryotes
AOM3 Choanoflagellates
AOM4 Porifera
AOM5 Cnidarians
AOM6 Platyhelminthes
AOM7 Chordates
AOM8 Ostracoderms
AOM9 Placoderms
AOM10 Sarcopterygii
AOM11 Amphibians
AOM12 Reptiles
AOM13 Eutherians
AOM14 Haplorrhini
AOM15 Catarrhini
AOM16 Hominoidea
AOM17 Hominidae
AOM18 Homininae
AOM19 Hominini
AOM20 Hominina
AOM21 Australopithecus
AOM22 Homo habilis
AOM23 Homo erectus
AOM24 Homo sapiens
AOM25 Cro-Magnon
AOM26 Modern Man
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