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Set: 2012 2013 O-Pee-Chee Team Logo Patches
Manufacturer / Brand: Upper Deck / O-Pee-Chee
Subject: Ice Hockey
Cards: 100
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# Name Variation Notes
TL-1 NHL 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-2 Eastern Conference 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-3 Western Conference 2005-06 to Present (Primary)
TL-4 Anaheim Ducks 2006-07 to Present (Primary)
TL-5 Boston Bruins 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-6 Buffalo Sabres 2010-11 to Present (Primary)
TL-7 Calgary Flames 1994-95 to Present (Primary)
TL-8 Carolina Hurricanes 1997-98 to Present (Primary)
TL-9 Chicago Blackhawks 1964-65 to Present (Primary)
TL-10 Colorado Avalanche 1995-96 to Present (Primary)
TL-11 Columbus Blue Jackets 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-12 Dallas Stars 1999-00 to Present (Primary)
TL-13 Detroit Red Wings 1948-49 to Present (Primary)
TL-14 Edmonton Oilers 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-15 Florida Panthers 1993-94 to Present (Primary)
TL-16 Los Angeles Kings 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-17 Minnesota Wild 2000-01 to Present (Primary)
TL-18 Montreal Canadiens 1956-57 to Present (Primary)
TL-19 Nashville Predators 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-20 New Jersey Devils 1999-00 to Present (Primary)
TL-21 New York Islanders 2010-11 to Present (Primary)
TL-22 New York Rangers 1978-79 to Present (Primary)
TL-23 Ottawa Senators 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-24 Philadelphia Flyers 1967-68 to Present (Primary)
TL-25 Phoenix Coyotes 2003-04 to Present (Primary)
TL-26 Pittsburgh Penguins 2000-01 to Present (Primary)
TL-27 San Jose Sharks 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-28 St. Louis Blues 1998-99 to Present (Primary)
TL-29 Tampa Bay Lightning 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-30 Toronto Maple Leafs 1982-83 to Present (Primary)
TL-31 Vancouver Canucks 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-32 Washington Capitals 2007-08 to Present (Primary)
TL-33 Winnipeg Jets 2011-12 to Present (Primary)
TL-34 NHL 1917-18 to 2004-05 (Primary)
TL-35 Eastern Conference 2005-06 to Present (Alternate)
TL-36 Western Conference 2005-06 to Present (Alternate)
TL-37 Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011-12 (Primary)
TL-38 Stanley Cup Final 2011-12 (Alternate)
TL-39 All-Star Game 2011-12 (Primary)
TL-40 All-Star Game 2011-12 (Alternate)
TL-41 Winter Classic 2010-11 (Alternate)
TL-42 Heritage Classic 2010-11 (Alternate)
TL-43 Boston Bruins 1976-77 to 1994-95 (Alternate)
TL-44 Boston Bruins 1995-96 to 2006-07 (Script)
TL-45 Chicago Blackhawks 1964-65 to Present (Alternate)
TL-46 Minnesota Wild 2000-01 to Present (Script)
TL-47 Montreal Canadiens 1956-57 to Present (Script)
TL-48 Quebec Nordiques 1979-80 to 1994-95 (Alternate)
TL-49 Toronto Maple Leafs 2010-11 to Present (Secondary)
TL-50 Winnipeg Jets 2011-12 to Present (Script)
TL-51 Atlanta Thrashers 2008-09 (10th Anniversary)
TL-52 Buffalo Sabres 1979-80 (10th Anniversary)
TL-53 Calgary Flames 1989-90 (10th Anniversary)
TL-54 Colorado Avalanche 2005-06 (10th Anniversary)
TL-55 Edmonton Oilers 1988-89 (10th Anniversary)
TL-56 Hartford Whalers 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)
TL-57 Nashville Predators 2007-08 (10th Anniversary)
TL-58 New Jersey Devils 1991-92 (10th Anniversary)
TL-59 Ottawa Senators 2001-02 (10th Anniversary)
TL-60 Quebec Nordiques 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)
TL-61 San Jose Sharks 2010-11 (10th Anniversary)
TL-62 Winnipeg Jets 1981-82 (10th Anniversary)
TL-63 Atlanta Flames 1972-73 to 1979-80 (Primary)
TL-64 California Golden Seals 1967-68 (Primary)
TL-65 Colorado Rockies 1976-77 to 1981-82 (Primary)
TL-66 Kansas City Scouts 1974-75 to 1975-76 (Primary)
TL-67 Los Angeles Kings 1967-68 to 1974-75 (Primary)
TL-68 Minnesota North Stars 1967-68 to 1973-74 (Primary)
TL-69 New York Islanders 1972-73 to 1994-95 (Primary)
TL-70 Pittsburgh Penguins 1967-68 (Primary)
TL-71 St. Louis Blues 1967-68 to 1983-84 (Primary)
TL-72 Vancouver Canucks 1970-71 to 1977-78 (Primary)
TL-73 Washington Capitals 1974-75 to 1994-95 (Primary)
TL-74 Boston Bruins 1924-25 (Primary)
TL-75 Chicago Blackhawks 1926-27 to 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-76 Detroit Cougars 1926-27 to 1929-30 (Primary)
TL-77 Detroit Red Wings 1932-33 to 1933-34 (Primary)
TL-78 Hamilton Tigers 1920-21 (Primary)
TL-79 Montreal Canadiens 1917-18 to 1918-19 (Primary)
TL-80 Montreal Maroons 1924-25 to 1937-38 (Primary)
TL-81 New York Americans 1925-26 to 1929-30 (Primary)
TL-82 New York Rangers 1926-27 to 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-83 Ottawa Senators 1917-18 to 1933-34 (Primary)
TL-84 St. Louis Eagles 1934-35 (Primary)
TL-85 Toronto Arenas 1917-18 to 1918-19 (Primary)
TL-86 Toronto Maple Leafs 1926-27 (Primary)
TL-87 Colorado Avalanche 2009-10 (Joe Sakic "19")
TL-88 Edmonton Oilers 1999-00 (Wayne Gretzky Hall of Fam
TL-89 Edmonton Oilers 2006-07 (Mark Messier "11")
TL-90 Los Angeles Kings 1993-94 (Wayne Gretzky "802")
TL-91 New Jersey Devils 2008-09 (Martin Brodeur "552")
TL-92 New York Rangers 1998-99 (Wayne Gretzky Retirement
TL-93 New York Rangers 2006-07 (Brendan Shanahan "14")
TL-94 St. Louis Blues 2005-06 (Brett Hull Jersey Retirem
TL-95 Washington Capitals 2001-02 ("9 - 11" Memorial)
TL-96 Winnipeg Jets 1995-96 ("Cherished Memories")
TL-97 Nashville Predators 2001-02 to 2006-07 (Cartoon)
TL-98 Detroit Red Wings 1951-52 to Present (Cartoon)
TL-99 Hartford Whalers 1979-80 to 19984-85 (Cartoon)
TL-100 Vancouver Canucks 2006-07 to Present (Cartoon)
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